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SnapBooth is a FREE photobooth app for iOS that let's you run an un-managed photo booth style application for your event or party. Automatically email, print or even update your social media feeds in real time. You choose which social media platform to publish to, enter hastags of your choice, "@" symbols, urls or text for the booth and as people use it your social media account is automatically updated in real time.

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Fun for kids!
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Customizable Stands Available
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Wedding Fun.
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Easy to use.
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No Flash
No Problem

SnapBooth now works with Nova Flash to solve your low lighting needs. Nova is a Bluetooth Low Energy (BluetoothLE) device. It has no buttons or switches. It is always on in low power standby mode waiting to be enabled via a nearby BluetoothLE phone. It's internal battery can be recharged using a regular USB Micro cable (included). Nova drives the color warmth by mixing the light from 20 warm LEDs and 20 cool LEDs. Check out Nova here:

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How does it


Touch it

Initiate the countdown timer by tapping/touching the screen. Get ready - this is gonna be good. Now is probably the time to get ready for awesomeness.


Snap it

The countdown timer counts down from three and takes an epic picture. Hopefully you're still holding "the awesomeness" pose from step 1 - hang in there.


Bad Picture?

Maybe "the awesomeness" wasn't quite as awesome as it could be. No worries, you can try again. SnapBooth will junk it, no one will ever see this sorry looking photo.


Share it!

Setup SnapBooth to post your photos in real-time to Facebook and/or Twitter, email them out, print them, or save them to the device for use later.